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Auto theft and theft of auto parts and accessories have been an ongoing concern for all car owners.  In recent years, the rates for these types of crimes have sky rocketed in many major cities across the United States.

In Houston, Texas, a 2012 news segment and article on behalf of the local Fox News network's affiliate highlighted this troubling trend in the United States' fourth most populous city, where over 200 wheels were stolen from vehicles in the span of just five months in three neighborhoods in the Bayou City. (1)

The headlines are riveted by stories about thieves leaving cars "up on blocks".  In a 2012 New York Times article, a police captain was quoted stating that in regards to wheel theft, "All you have to do is jack up the car, remove the lug nuts and remove the wheels.  If you know what you're doing it can be done pretty quickly - in a  matter of a minute or two." (2)

In May 2013, a car dealership in Georgetown, Texas had over $100,000 worth of wheels and tires stolen from over 45 vehicles right from the dealership's property! (3)

Such brazen crimes have left many car owners scratching their heads on how to best protect what are easily their biggest expenses and investments when it comes to their vehicles - tires and rims.  Due to the fact that stolen tires and rims are difficult to track, many law enforcement officials simply encourage consumers to take their own protective and preventative measures.  There are a variety of products currently available in the market that attempt to aid in wheel protection, but many of these products have fallen short of expectations, and have proven to be neither practical nor effective for every day use.  In some cases, criminals have easily circumvented these "solutions".

These products include a tire lock, which works in the same manner as a police car boot, but such products are cumbersome and difficult to use by the end user.  Also, some other anti-wheel theft products include locking lug nuts, which usually require a special key for removal; however, with today's technology, a determined thief can manage to remove tires and rims quite easily.  In addition, these products are a hassle to the car owners themselves in circumstances where they've needed to remove their own wheels for maintenance.

Combination Wheels has contributed numerous resources in the research and development of its new and advanced wheel locking technology, which addresses the need for a wheel protection solution that has a user-friendly interface along with an overall design that allows for more efficient removal by the car owner when needed.  Please view the video for a demonstration of this remarkable, patent pending technology.

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